Check out our newly Hockey Indigenous Development Camp!

These hockey camps are open to male and female athletes, although ages eligible for a specific camp may vary depending on the camp and/or location. We focus on targeting Youth ages 7 - 15 years of age.

This program is to help First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Youth for their development, all-around play, and to teach them to be young leaders in their community. We chose to portray a healthy living lifestyle while implementing teaching the Youth individual skills.

We proudly decided to create our own Hockey Development Camp (also known as Hockey Schools) in which our ambassadors will part take in facilitating the entire duration of the hockey camp. We are a Non-Profit organization looking for better ways to interact with Indigenous Youth and Indigenous Communities across Turtle Island. We will have a positive impact on each community and embark on the spark within their potential.

Our Hockey Camps can range from 3 days to a full 5 days out of the week, depending on the Communities needs. 

A Deep Look at our Hockey Camps

Here's what our Hockey Camp schedule would look like:

Day 1, 2 and 3

GROUP A  -  Ages 7 - 9

GROUP B  -  Ages 10 - 12

GROUP C  -  Ages 13 - 15 

One (1) hour each session per day

Day 4

GROUP A  -  Ages 7-9

GROUP B  -  Ages 10 - 12

GROUP C  -  13 - 16 

One (1) hour scrimmages

Roundtable discussions after hockey camp are completed

*All registered Hockey School participants will recieve a "Team Hockey Indigenous" Jersey and they will be able to keep them once the Hockey Camp is completed.*


Once our Hockey Camp is completed, we will proudly host a Roundtable discussion where our ambassadors/facilitators will share their story, giving some motivation to all the Indigenous Youth and, Q/A will be last. This will be a great opportunity where the Youth will feel welcomed, get a chance to speak with our ambassadors, and create special memories with each other.  

A great way to showcase integrity and comprehensive measures to become one together. 

We will be flexible as possible on the schedule needs of Each Community that inquires about our Hockey School and we will do our best to work with each other. Our Hockey Camp is not locked in on the 5 days, we can create a Hockey Camp that can be between 2, 3, 4, or 5 days long. We want to lay down the foundation of Indigenous to Indigenous production, development, experience, and instruction.

Please note, pucks will be provided for the Hockey Camp duration, but we do encourage each participant to bring their own water bottles.