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By establishing these mission, vision, and objectives, Hockey Indigenous, First Nations and Inuit peoples can provide direction and focus for generating indigenous hockey initiatives and working towards creating a welcoming and inclusive hockey community.


The objectives of Hockey Indigenous is to commit to the following principles:


  • Objective 1: To develop and implement programs and initiatives that support the growth and development of indigenous hockey players and teams.

  • Objective 2: To promote inclusivity and understanding within the hockey community through cultural sensitivity training, campaigns, and education.

  • Objective 3: To establish partnerships and collaborations with other organizations and stakeholders to support indigenous hockey initiatives.

  • Objective 4: To increase the participation and representation of indigenous players in hockey programs, capacity building, and tournaments.

  • Objective 5: To advocate and establish Team Indigenous to participate in all International, National, and Provincial hockey tournaments. (Ex: World Juniors Championships) 

  • Objective 6: To secure funding through means of grants, investments, and donation to allocate funds to build Arena's in First Nation and Inuit communities that do not have an arena in their community and renovations eligibility. 

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