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Our affiliation provides a prominent role in helping out at the grassroots level and has played amazing roles in supporting our mandates to help Indigenous Youth, Communities, and Families. They also create Nation to Nation, Community to Community, and person to person relationships in helping identify, support, and promote Indigenous Hockey all over Turtle Island! 

These affiliation partnership represents a commitment by both organizations to work together and support each other's goals and objectives through the sharing of resources and expertise.


Fred Sasakamoose "Chief Thunderstick" National Champioships is one of the biggest Indigenous Hockey event in Turtle Island and has grown more and more over the years. The tournament was started by Fred Sasakamoose, the first Indigenous treaty tatus person to play in the National Hockey League when he suited up for the Chicago Blackhawks on February 27, 1954. Since it began in 2016, the event has grown every year.


One of the Dream’s of Mr. Sasakamoose was to assemble the best Indigenous Hockey players and teams in one event and display all the national talent that the Indigenous communities offer to the nation. Another purpose, is the Indigenous community and leaders across this nation have been attempting to celebrate Mr. Sasakamoose in a variety of ways. By naming a National Championship after Mr. Sasakamoose as a way to recognize all that he has represented and continues to do so, as a way to celebrate his contribution to this great nation.


Rez hockey is a podcast where we want to promote Indigenous, Inuit and Métis hockey. We will have former and current players (NHL, semi pro, college, junior and rez tourney) on the show to share their stories and experiences. Trev Iserhoff and Dennis (Bush) Major will be your host once a week and talk hockey as well as other topics.


New episode every Tuesday and is available on all major podcast platforms. 


Indigenous Rookie Cards was started by Naim Cardinal, his collection began in 2014 as a way of keeping himself interested in hockey card collecting. However, it has grown into something very passionable about  his collection and have loved sharing it with others. Every Indigenous player who has played in the NHL and has a rookie card is featured on his website. 

Sharing Indigenous Hockey history through hockey cards. 

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