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The Hockey Indigenous "Youth Empowerment" Scholarship Program

Purpose: To provide financial support to young underprivileged Indigenous hockey players and they commit to their development as an athlete, education, and empowering their goals in life.

In order to be a proficient allies, we believe in enriching our experience for our views, potential partners, and Indigenous communities. We focus on our current, short-term, and long-term goals around the sun. By providing financial support and mentorship, we hope to help young hockey players around turtle island.

Our Scholarship Program will only be available for Youth aged in two categories:

6 - 12 and 13-18

By implementing this scholarship program, we hope to increase participation in hockey and create a positive and supportive environment for young Indigenous athletes in our First Nation and Inuit communities. One of the most challenging steps they have to overcome is to get funding for sponsorship/scholarship in order to leap over the obstacle. We welcome donations/sponsorships for those interested to help support the Hockey Indigenous "Youth Empowerment" Scholarship Program, kindly contact us. 

There is no application being taken right now. Watch for updates, thank you.

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