In order to be a proficient organization, we believe in enriching our experience for our views, potential partners, and all-level hockey leagues in Canada. We Align with a proven tactic that contributes in a way for our views to feel involved, excited, and sense of pride. We focus on our current, short-term, and long-term possibilities around the clock. We use a Driven mentality and hope to see more of our Indigenous youth at the elite stages.

The Hockey Indigenous Athlete Scholarship is a goal to give back to First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Youth in Canada. Hockey Indigenous wants to help underprivileged Indigenous Youth with their Hockey Fees/General, Education goals and supporting them with Mental Health. 

Our Scholarship Program will only be available for Youth ages in two categories:

12 - 16 and 17 - 21

Seeing young indigenous people wanting to succeed in hockey and education is a goal that has the highest achievement they can ever dream of. The spark is already fueling, the potential is there but one of the most challenging steps they have to overcome is to get funding for sponsorship/scholarship in order to leap over the obstacle.

Our application is currently closed. More updates to be available.