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Ways to Give: Sponsorship


Overall, investing in Indigenous hockey can provide a range of benefits for Indigenous communities and athletes, as well as for society as a whole. It can help to support Indigenous communities and athletes, promote cultural exchange and understanding, develop skills and leadership, and promote healthy lifestyles. We will value to our potential corporate partners and help them achieve their business and Responsibility objectives and help connect the Indigenous communities. ​

Sponsoring our Non-profit will be a powerful way for our organization to secure the financial support it needs to achieve its mission and make a positive impact in the First Nation and Inuit communities and athletes lives for decades to come.


Compared to the non-Indigenous population, the Indigenous population is younger, growing faster, and more likely to be located in predominantly rural regions (approximately 60% of Indigenous Canadians compared to 33% for non-Indigenous peoples live in predominantly rural regions). Additionally, there are 630 First Nation communities in Canada, which represent more than 50 Nations and 50 Indigenous languages. There is a lot of room to grow and connect with the First Nation communities across Canada.

Investing in generational change for the present and future

Investing in our Programs and Initiatives 

Youth Hockey Skills Clinic

  • Focused on developing young hockey players' skills, including skating, shooting, and game tactics.

  • Nurtures talent at the grassroots level.

  • Encourages physical activity and healthy living among youth.

  • Promotes discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

  • Creates a pathway for young players to progress in the sport.

Inclusion Capacity Building

  • Aims to create an inclusive and diverse hockey community.

  • Provides education and training on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Fosters an environment where everyone, regardless of background, feels welcome in the sport.

  • Encourages social construct and action

National Indigenous Junior Hockey Championships


An annual event that brings together elite Indigenous junior hockey teams from across the country to compete for the national title. The championships are open to male and female division players aged 16-20 (U20) and an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and for the Indigenous hockey community to come together and celebrate their achievements.

  • A high-level competition showcasing Indigenous elite talent.

  • Provides a platform for Indigenous Youth to display their skills.

  • Encourages community pride and support.

  • Fosters a sense of achievement and recognition among Young athletes.

Hockey Indigenous Scouting Program

  • Identifies and supports promising Indigenous talent in hockey.

  • Offers opportunities for young athletes to access advanced training and opportunities.

  • Increases the representation of Indigenous players in higher-level competitions.

  • Encourages Indigenous youth to pursue their dreams in hockey.

National Team Indigenous Development Program

  • Prepares elite Indigenous athletes for national and international competitions.

  • Raises the profile of Indigenous athletes on the world stage and scouts.

  • Acts as a source of inspiration and role models for the Indigenous Youth and communities.

  • Demonstrates the talent and potential within Indigenous communities.

Donations to Hockey Indigenous 

  1. Promoting Inclusivity: Donating to hockey Indigenous ensures that young Indigenous athletes have equal access to opportunities, fostering a more diverse and inclusive hockey community.

  2. Cultural Celebration: Your donations celebrate and preserve Indigenous culture within the sport, helping to maintain traditions and values while sharing them with the broader hockey community.

  3. Talent Development: Contributions support the identification and development of talented Indigenous athletes, creating pathways for them to excel in hockey and reach their full potential.

  4. Community and Leadership Growth: Donations not only aid in athletic development but also encourage academic success, personal growth, and leadership skills, empowering Indigenous youth to become leaders in their communities.

  5. Positive Social Impact: Investing in Indigenous hockey programs instills values such as discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship in young athletes, contributing to their overall well-being and fostering community pride and unity.

The benefits from your sponsorship

There are several benefits to investing in Indigenous Hockey​

  1. Supporting Indigenous communities: Investing in Indigenous hockey can help to support Indigenous communities and organizations, and provide opportunities for Indigenous youth to participate in sports and physical activity. This can help to build stronger and more resilient communities and promote social and economic development.

  2. Promoting cultural exchange and understanding: Indigenous hockey programs can provide a platform for cultural exchange and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. This can help to build relationships and foster a greater sense of community and inclusion.

  3. Developing skills and leadership: Participating in sports and physical activity can help to develop a range of skills, including teamwork, leadership, and discipline. This can be especially important for Indigenous youth, as it can provide them with valuable skills that can help them succeed in their personal and professional lives.

  4. Promoting healthy lifestyles: Participating in sports and physical activity can help to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent the development of chronic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes. This can be especially important for Indigenous communities, which may be disproportionately affected by these and other health issues.

  5. Economic development: Investing in Indigenous hockey can also support economic development by creating jobs and supporting local businesses. This can help to stimulate local economies and create opportunities for Indigenous communities.

  6. Community Outreach: To engage indigenous communities in hockey and to provide access to resources and support for indigenous hockey players which will be tailored to the needs and goals of the indigenous communities and players. 

Overall, investing in Indigenous hockey can provide a range of benefits for Indigenous communities, as well as for society as a whole. It can help to support Indigenous communities, promote cultural exchange and understanding, develop skills and leadership, and promote healthy lifestyles.


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