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To create a welcoming and inclusive hockey community where indigenous players have the opportunity to reach their full potential as players and leaders.

The mission of Hockey Indigenous is to commit to the following principles:


  • Commitment: Hockey Indigenous wants to inspire unity, identity, belonging towards empowering youth, and instill a sense of hope for their future.

  • Transparency: Bringing credibility, opportunity, and ensure to exercise responsibility for the First Nation, Metis, & Inuit people, and the support from Indigenous communities and representatives.

  • Possibility: Hockey Indigenous wants to expand the perspective of the youth to make them aware of Vision, Prosperity, and help mastermind the dreams of their reality.

  • Development: Oversee and deliver national programs that enhances and motivate the participation of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit peoples – Children, Youth, Adults, and Communities.

  • Approach: Ensuring an obligation to create a healthy and versatile mentality for First Nation, Metis, and Inuit people and our mission to stop the stigma of Discrimination, and Racism through education and Indigenous relationships. 

  • Identity: Culture, Belonging, and Representation brings importance to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Indigenous people in hockey.



Our vision is to help underprivileged grassroots Indigenous People to succeed and help mastermind the dreams of their reality and to support the growth and development of indigenous hockey players and to promote inclusivity and understanding within the hockey community

Theory of Change


If we provide low-income hockey athletes/students with sponsorship with assistance, then they will get into better education, boost self-esteem in their game, and have improved life options and opportunities.

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