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Assembly of

First Nations


Hockey Puck

Creating opportunities and spaces

Image by Mike Cox




The future of Indigenous Hockey


Creating a deeper appreciation and connection with the Indigenous Youth, professionals, and communities in the sport of hockey.

Raising Awareness

Promoting understanding, celebrating Indigenous talent, and addressing the historical and contemporary issues faced by Indigenous peoples in hockey.

Building A Community

Creating a supportive network that empowers Indigenous players, preserves cultural heritage, and fosters a sense of belonging within a positive environment.

Interactive Map of High-Level
Indigenous Hockey Players

The Indigenous Hockey Research Network provides the High-Level hockey Players Database

Credit goes to: Nick Lacoste, Lucas Rotondo, and Taylor McKee, as well as Brock University SPMA 3P05 students.

Grassroot Development

Grassroots development for Hockey Indigenous is a national, provincial, regional, and community-driven initiative dedicated to fostering the growth of hockey within Indigenous communities. This grassroots approach prioritizes inclusivity, cultural relevance, and sustainable development, ensuring that hockey becomes accessible to Indigenous Youth and communities of all ages and skill levels while embracing and celebrating Indigenous traditions.

By emphasizing skill development, our organization aims to empower Indigenous Youth and communities, create a sense of unity, and build a strong, lasting foundation for hockey, ultimately enriching the lives of those involved and preserving cultural connections through hockey and supporting Indigenous Artists. 

The importance of inclusivity, diversity, reconciliation, and belonging is significant to our Indigenous peoples and communities to enhance their voices and talent. The reconciliation of Indigenous hockey is vital as it not only acknowledges historical injustices but also paves the way for inclusivity, cultural promotion, and healing within hockey and Indigenous communities.

Image by Matthew Sichkaruk

In the News

Why Indigenous Hockey Players are Reaching New Heights

2023 Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day by TVO Today.

Indigenous hockey sticks gifted to 2023 World Juniors players

The World Junior Hockey Championship had some First Nations flair thanks to four artists from the Maritimes who were selected to paint hockey sticks for the event.

Upper Deck Releases NHL: First Peoples Rookie Cards

The worldwide leader in sports and entertainment collectibles, today released new Upper Deck NHL® First Peoples Rookie Cards to celebrate Canadian Indigenous hockey players who never before had a licensed NHL trading card. 

Stanley Cup Final blog: Zach Whitecloud

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation own Zach Whiteclous wins the 2023 Stanley Cup with the Vegas Golden Knights. 

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