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The Indigenous Athlete Spotlight is an Initiative that is dedicated to empowering Indigenous Youth and communities by providing them with a nurturing and inclusive environment where they can thrive and excel. This program emphasizes three key pillars: supporting, promoting, and creating a positive atmosphere for Indigenous Youth.


Profile Card

The Indigenous Hockey Profile Card aims to celebrate and shed light on the personal and professional journey of these remarkable individuals, highlighting their hockey information, challenges, and aspirations.

Youth Promotion

The Indigenous Hockey Youth Promotion not only celebrates the achievements of Indigenous athletes but also serves as a platform for all level of hockey, inspiring the next generation of Indigenous athletes to pursue their dreams with determination and pride.


  1. Supporting: Indigenous Spotlight recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities that Indigenous Young people and athletes face. By offering targeted support, such as promotional support, resources, and safe spaces, this initiative ensures that Indigenous Youth and athletes have the tools and guidance needed to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. .

  2. Promoting Indigenous Culture and Heritage: One of the core objectives of the Indigenous Youth Spotlight is to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities and languages. By promoting Indigenous arts, language, traditions, and history, the program not only promotes Indigenous Youth and athletes about their roots but also raises awareness and fosters respect among the non-Indigenous community and teams. This emphasis on cultural preservation and promotion helps Indigenous Youth and athletes connect with their identity and heritage, instilling a sense of pride and belonging.

  3. Creating a Positive Environment: Indigenous Spotlight places a strong emphasis on creating a safe and positive environment for Indigenous Youth and athletes to flourish. This involves fostering a sense of belonging and community, where Indigenous Young people and athletes feel valued, respected, and empowered. 

In summary, Indigenous Spotlight is a comprehensive program that recognizes the potential of Indigenous Youth and instills empowerment and motivation while paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.


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