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Hockey Indigenous is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded in 2020. Before incorporating, we were running a Social Media Platform through Sole Proprietorship which started back in 2016. The organization was born out of empowering and prospering Indigenous Youth in Canada.


The overall goal is to promote Hockey Indigenous in North America and provide a whole new generational direction toward youth empowerment. We want to use this platform to bring inclusion, motivation, and confidence, boost self-esteem, and support healthy & versatile athletes. Additionally, we also provide information news related to Indigenous Hockey and our mission to stop the stigma of Discrimination and Racism.

Hockey Indigenous is  focused on promoting the participation and development of Indigenous players in the sport of hockey. It aims to provide opportunities for Indigenous youth to learn and grow through hockey, while also preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture and traditions.

Programs and initiatives within Hockey Indigenous may include clinics and camps, organized leagues and tournaments, cultural activities and resources, and information news for Indigenous communities. These activities are often supported by volunteers and partnerships with local hockey organizations and communities.

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