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Hockey Indigenous is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded in 2020 but was running on a Social Media Platform through Sole Proprietorship since 2016. The organization was born out of empowering and prospering Indigenous Youth in Canada.


The overall goal is to promote Hockey Indigenous in North America and provide a whole new generational direction towards youth empowerment. We want to use this platform to motivate, boost self-esteem, and create a healthy & versatile environment. In addition, we also provide information on news related to Hockey Indigenous and our mission to stop the stigma of Paternalism, Discrimination, and Racism.


Hockey Indigenous recognizes the effort of the many thousands of volunteers/parents whose individual contributes to forming successful fundraising, determination, and commitment. Together, we are a great organization; yet we can be greater still. We see the driven persistence coming from each First Nation community across Canada.


We are inspired by the youth and the indigenous communities across Turtle Island and are always moved by the involvement our people contribute to the game. We have a National base Organization created by Indigenous youth, for indigenous youth.