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Image by Mike Cox

National Indigenous Junior Hockey Championships 

An annual event that brings together Indigenous junior hockey athletes from across the country to compete for the national title. The championships are open to male and female division players aged 18-20 (U20) and an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and for the Indigenous hockey community to come together and celebrate their achievements.

  • An open competition showcasing Indigenous talent.

  • Provides a platform for Indigenous Youth to display their skills.

  • Encourages community pride and support.

  • Fosters a sense of achievement and recognition among Young athletes.

  • Creating opportunities and a space for Youth

The National Indigenous Junior Hockey Championships is a highly anticipated week-long event dedicated to fostering the talent and passion of Indigenous Youth in Turtle Island. Scheduled for early June 2025, this championship brings together two dynamic divisions for male and female players aged 18 to 20. It serves as a platform for Indigenous athletes of all levels of experience to showcase their skills, forge new friendships, and embrace the rich cultural heritage of the game. With an emphasis on inclusivity and community, this tournament embodies the spirit of unity, providing a unique opportunity for young Indigenous hockey athletes to shine on a national stage while celebrating their heritage. We will also have a Cultural Festival and symposium that will have many traditional and contemporary activities that will complement that Tournament.

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