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National Indigenous Junior Hockey Championships 

Art Design by: Jeff Nepinak

An annual event that brings together Indigenous junior hockey athletes from across the country to compete for the national title. The championships are open to male and female division players aged 16-20 (U20) and are an opportunity for players to showcase their skills and for the Indigenous hockey community to come together and celebrate their achievements.


Vision: Providing a platform for elite indigenous Youth across the Nation to showcase their talent, celebrate their heritage, and through the spirit of competition.

Mission: Empowering Indigenous Youth through hockey excellence, aiming to promote physical health, mental well-being, and personal growth while fostering a supportive environment rooted in respect, inclusivity, and unity.

Competition Style: Round-robin, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, bronze, and gold medal championships. 

Female and Male divisions.

Committee Members: Dustin Peltier, Brandi Hunter, Denny Big Plume, Lucas Rotondo, Savana Sayese, Sydney Daniels, and Stephane Friday - All Indigenous members.

The inaugural NIJHC is to be held in Toronto, ON on June 2-6, 2025. 

  • An open competition showcasing Indigenous talent.

  • Provides a platform for elite Indigenous athletes to display their skills.

  • Encourages community pride and support.

  • Fosters a sense of achievement and recognition among athletes.

  • Creating opportunities and a space for Youth

Indigenous Ancestry: 
All team members and staff must be of Indigenous ancestry (First Nation, Métis, and Inuit). Every player and team staff must carry (bring with) him/her documentation that verifies his/her Indigenous ancestry. Picture identification and a Provincial Métis Card (from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or British Columbia), Certificate of Indian Status Card, or Territories Health Card Nunavut Card will be acceptable.

NIJHC Technical Package will be available soon!

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