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Scouting Program

Our Indigenous Hockey Scouting Program is dedicated to supporting and nurturing talent within Indigenous athletes across regions. With a network of Regional Scouting Coordinators deeply rooted in their respective areas, we aim to provide equitable opportunities for Indigenous Youth to excel in hockey while preserving and celebrating their cultural heritage.

Our vision is to see Indigenous Youth thriving both on and off the ice, equipped with the skills, confidence, and support network needed to achieve their goals. Through our scouting program, we aspire to create a more inclusive and diverse hockey landscape that promotes Indigenous Youth and cultivates excellence at every level.


To be a leading program that promotes and produces world-class Indigenous athletes, contributing to the culture and inclusivity of the sport of hockey.


  • Compile and maintain a database of Indigenous players and goalies within the region.

  • Provide feedback and insights to enhance the effectiveness of the program.

  • Passion for hockey and a strong understanding of the Indigenous community's cultural context.

  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently.

  • Collaborate with local hockey associations, schools, and First Nation/Inuit Communities.

  • Flexible time commitment while fostering a positive environment.

  • Contribute and support the National Indigenous Junior Hockey Championships within your respective region and other related.

Regional Scouting Coordinators

(Volunteer Roles)

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